Good luck plants for the home which brings good luck, wealth, and prosperity in the house

Copy Reading: Good luck plants for the home which brings good luck, wealth, and prosperity in the house

Trees and plants are necessary for our survival, according to many beliefs, it is also useful to reduce the bad effects of our planetary constellations. Nowadays most people plant trees to decorate their house.

Good luck plants for the home which brings good luck, wealth, and prosperity in the house - IndiaCopy
Indoor Plants Source : PIXABAY

In Vastu Shastra, the direction, the object and the items kept in the house are mentioned as the most important.

Nature is revered in Hinduism texts. Just as food, water, and air are necessary for life, similarly green trees and plants are necessary around us, because it is impossible to get pure air without them. It is said that if there is greenery around the house then diseases also stay away, but it is not possible to have a park or greenery near everyone's house. If you want, you can plant some such plants at your home, from which you will get positive energy as well as pure air.

All these things have a great influence on the fate of a person. If the right thing is placed in the right direction, then the doors of fate automatically open, But if the wrong things are placed in the wrong direction, then the people living in that house will always be surrounded by some of the other problems.

Let us know which plants bring happiness and prosperity in the house and diseases also remain far away.

Holy Basil or Tulsi Plant

Holy Basil or Tulsi Plant

Holy Basil or Tulsi Plant (Source: Instagram)

Tulsi is considered the most sacred herbs in India. It is said that if there is some kind of negative energy in your house, then this plant also has the ability to destroy it.

In India, Tulsi has been given revered status. You will be surprised to know that many types of chemical elements are found in Basil leaves and flowers, which have the power to prevent many diseases and eliminate them from the root.In the house, plant a basil plant in the east direction or northeast direction.

Money Plant

Money Plant

Money Plant (Source: pixabay)

In Indian Vastu Shastra, it is considered auspicious to plant a money plant in the house. According to astrology, the habitat of Venus is considered in the money plant. By planting it in the house, love remains in the family members and there is never any financial shortage. But keep in mind that its vine does not spread below. Its growing vine always goes upwards. It is only by taking such measures that the benefits of money plants come in the form of good fortune, the opening of income avenues, love in the family, freedom from anxiety.

Keeping this vine in the house increases prosperity. It is considered to plant the money plant in an igneous direction. The deity of this direction is Ganesha while the representative is Venus.

Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata)

Jade Plant

Jade Plant (Source: pixabay)

This plant with round leaves is also famous for bringing good luck. It is given as a gift on starting a new business. So that business can grow rapidly. It keeps on flourishing when looked after properly for many years.

Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant (Source: instagram)

The leaves of this plant represent wealth, fortune, and prosperity. Therefore, this plant is also considered auspicious. By applying this, your luck starts to support you fast. It also helps in purifying the air.

Areca Palm

Areca Palm

Areca Palm (Source: instagram)

The Areca Palm is seen mostly in offices and many homes. This plant is not only great to see, but its benefits are also excellent. This plant cleans the air of the house. According to Vastu, the Areca plant energizes the home environment and attracts growth and removes the negative energy, and increases focus.

Snake Plant

Snake plant

Snake plant (Source: instagram)

Planting a snake plant in the house absorbs the toxic-harmful air in the house and purifies the air inside the house. This wonderful plant keeps producing pure oxygen both day and night. To bring positive energy, good health, peace of mind, plant a snake plant at home. People who do more brain work should keep this plant around them. This plant does not even need much sunlight.

Gulab plant

Gulab plant

Gulab plant (Source: instagram)

According to Indian architecture, thorny plants should not be planted in the house but roses can be planted. It is best to plant an aromatic rose plant. Rose plants increase love, affection, and money in the house because the rose is considered a symbol of Lakshmi Ji (wealth).



Ashwagandha (Source: instagram)

According to Vastu Shastra, planting an ashwagandha tree brings happiness and prosperity. Ashwagandha tree is also a very popular Ayurvedic medicine that has many benefits.

Ruta Graveolens

Ruta Graveolens

Ruta Graveolens (Source: instagram)

Ruta graveolens commonly known as herb-of-grace is a species of Ruta grown as an ornamental plant and herb.  It is believed that this plant has magic and medicinal properties, which bring money, good fortune, and prosperity to the house.

Pachira Aquatica

Pachira plant

Pachira plant (Source: instagram)

The Pachira plant is considered a plant capable of removing the financial constraints of the house quickly. The importance of hard work is always there, but together with unnecessary hurdles of luck, obstacles get away from planting this plant and prosperity comes. Its 5 leaves symbolize the 5 elements of the universe (water, air, sky, land, fire).

Oxalis Regnelli

Oxalis Regnelli

Oxalis Regnelli (Source: instagram)

In the folk tales of Ireland, it has been described as a sacred plant. It is said that if you plant it in your house, then your luck starts changing and money also starts coming.

Shami Plant

Shami plant

Shami plant (Source: instagram)

By planting this plant, the house attracts auspicious powers and the struggles and struggles in life begin to decrease. If you are suffering from the planet Saturn, then plant the Shami plant in the house. Instead of keeping it indoors, place it on the right side near the main gate or door. It prevents negative energy and leads to success in tasks.

Marigold plant (Gende ka phool)

Marigold plant (Gende ka phool)

Marigold plant (Gende ka phool) (Source: instagram)

This brings happiness in married life and opens up new avenues in career. Always plant a marigold plant with yellow flowers, not red or orange. Mosquitoes, insects, and moths also do not come from planting a marigold plant.

Bamboo Plant

It is believed that the bamboo plant attracts happiness and money. It draws out all the negative energy in the house. It also improves the health of the family.

Bamboo plant

Bamboo plant (Source: instagram)


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