Recipe of Cinnamon Tea

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Honey and cinnamon tea are effective in weight loss, increases metabolism.

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Cinnamon has been used since ancient times in the treatment of various health problems. Cinnamon is used as a major ingredient in various medicinal products due to the medicinal properties present in it.

Many people are getting attracted to herbal tea. One such herbal tea called Cinnamon Tea. Apart from giving taste, it will also take good care of your health. Learn its recipe


  1. Cinnamon Powder - 2 teaspoons
  2. Dry ginger or dry ginger - 4 inch
  3. Jaggery or honey - as per taste

How to make cinnamon tea

  1. Put the water in a pot on low flame to boil.  
  2. Now add grated ginger to the water.
  3. Then add cinnamon powder and jaggery and stir with a spoon.  
  4. After a while add one spoon of honey and allow the tea to boil on a low flame.  
  5. Hot cinnamon tea is ready.

If you do not have cinnamon powder at home, you can also grind cinnamon in a mixer and boil it in water.

If you want to have a rich taste of cinnamon tea, do not use milk at all. Doing so will spoil the true taste of cinnamon tea.

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When to drink cinnamon tea:

  1. By drinking this tea in the morning, the digestive system is cured and metabolism is intensified. Drink this tea half an hour before breakfast.
  2. Drink this tea daily before exercising. This will give you energy, will not make you tired.
  3. Drinking honey cinnamon tea before sleeping at night is very good. It prevents the hunger that occurs late at night and also improves sleep by digestion.

Keep in mind that fast metabolism and good sleep are both necessary for weight loss. Honey Cinnamon tea is considered beneficial and effective in weight loss due to all these qualities mentioned above.

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