Why is India called India?

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An interesting fact is hidden behind why India is called India. In the Indian Constitution also, it is mentioned on the first page that India will be called India and Bharat. Do you not want to know the reason, definitely know what is the secret of India's two names.

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why India is called India

Why India is named India or how India was named India. Actually, India's name was not even Bharat

The Indus Valley civilization of our country was famous like the civilization of Rome and was spread throughout the country. In our country, there is also a river called Indus, associated with the civilization of the Indus Valley, another name of this river was Indus Valley, which was given by foreign people.

Due to the Indus civilization, the old name of India was also Indus, which got the form of the word Indo or Indos in Greek, when the word reached the Latin language, the name changed to India.

When India initially got the name India, it was rejected by the people of India, why it was a name kept by foreigners and in the beginning, the name did not get any attention. When the British came to India, India was also called Hindustan at that time. The British were hard to pronounce all the old names of India, so they tried to name India according to their own and they were successful in it.

The name India was given full recognition after India's independence when India became independent. The Constitution of India also accepted this name, after this, the people of India started calling the country like India and themselves as Indian.