What is Multiprocessing ?

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Multiprocessing is the use of two or more central processing units (CPUs) within a single computer system.

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Multiprocessing is the running of two or more programs or sequences of instructions simultaneously by a system with more than one central processor.

In Multi Processing system, two or more independent processors are interconnected under cohesion system.In this type of system, instructions coming from one or more programs can be processed by different processors at the same time.The number of CPUs are added to the computer system to enhance the computing speed of the system.

Due to availability of multiple processors , the number processes or multiple process can be executed at a time. These multiprocessors includes computer bus, memory and peripheral devices etc,

Multi programming means a single CPU. Implementing two or more participating programs at once.In multi-processing, two or more CPUs can be used to direct different instructions from one program or multiple programs at a time. Implement

It can be divided in two types –

Symmetric Multiprocessing

Symmetric multiprocessing is the processing of programs by multiple processors that share a common operating system and memory. In symmetric (or "tightly coupled") multiprocessing, the processors share memory and the I/O bus or data path. A single copy of the operating system is in charge of all the processors

Asymmetric Multiprocessing

An asymmetric multiprocessing system is a multiprocessor computer system where not all of the multiple interconnected central processing units are treated equally. For example, a system might allow only one CPU to execute operating system code or might allow only one CPU to perform I/O operations.

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